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Call of the Raven is a prequel to Ballantyne series and one where we are introduced to the beginning of Augustus Mungo St John and the anti-hero the series knows him to be.

Mungo goes back to his father's Virginian plantation to find it in ruins and he becomes hell bent on seeking revenge on a corrupt banker, Chester Marion. Things definitely don't go to plan for Mungo in exacting his revenge, which further deepens his ire.

This book is action packed from the start and one I would recommend, even if you haven't read the Ballantyne series. Historical Fiction that takes place outside of World War II within the genre is something I always gravitate towards because of the rich history and story telling that these time periods have. This book provides the reader with a lot of insight and situations that took place during the history of slavery that need to be discussed. I always enjoy a morally gray character so I really enjoyed the conflicting dispositions that Mungo repeatedly found himself in.