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Buried is the first installment in the new series, Jack Warr. Jack and his fiancé make a big move for a fresh start. But things don’t go according to plan when he finds himself wrapped up in a new case that ties into another case that happened over 20 years ago. Through his course of investigation he discoverers just how this case is tied to his own past and gives him some answers he’s been searching for.

The story is told from an investigative point of view as well as flashbacks giving us the reader a look at some of those involved both the past crime and current characters too, I really Jack, he has some great instincts when it came to his work. And Maggie, the fiancé was great too. There were a lot of characters introduced along the way but I had no problem keeping up with who was who and it made for a fantastic cast.

There is no shortage of twist and turns, revelations and suspense and the ending had the biggest twist of all! I’m anxious to see how that will play out in the next installment. It was definitely an amazing start to the series.