such a adventure

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Such a engaging first book in a new series. I have never read anything from this author before , but i will now look for her books. Lynda LaPlante has a captivating and attention getting writing style. You feel well rounded and well informed about the characters.
Buried begins with a tragic and mysterious fire. A group of former female prisoners are meeting at a dilapidated cottage . A elegant dinner has been planned where Dolly , a just released inmate is in attendance. Something is up and in Dolly's suspicious mind , she's just waiting to find out..
Skip to present day where a fire has broken out . A body has been found . Remains of cash ... bundles of cash has been found in the fire place . Jack Warr has been called to start the investigations. you will find unimaginable twist and turns. Unknown series of event that connect even the most noble of characters. This book kept me up at night and on the edge of my seat .
Cant wait for the next in the series.