Mystery, Suspense and a Burned Down Cottage

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A burned down abandoned cottage, a charred body inside, and the remains of burned up bank notes in the fireplace. These are the makings of a good mystery.

DC Jack Warr has just moved to London. Struggling to find passion in his career he is thrown into his first case. A fire in an abandoned cottage has drawn attention by his team, finding a body and what could be stolen bank notes from an unsolved robbery years before.

To add to Jack’s struggle, he gets information on his birth father. Jack’s search becomes intertwined with his investigation. Jack may be finding his passion finally, but will it lead him down the right path?

Buried is the first book in a new series featuring DC Jack Warr. La Plante intertwined characters from her previous series but this book does well as a stand-a-lone. I hadn’t read anything by this author before and now I’m more curious about the other series.

Since this is the first book in this series, there was a lot of background information written about the past. I found some of the flash backs to be difficult to navigate. I found the transitions a little unclear, needing me to re-read to clarify.

However, that background information given by La Plante does a great job of developing characters throughout the book. Jack starts out lost and unambitious and slowly grows into a strong, likeable character. Each of the women criminals were so unique, I grew to sympathize with some of them by the end. The plot is captivating and tense pulling the reader in deeper. Buried was a good mystery to lead into the rest of the series.