Jack finds himself

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This is the start of a new series featuring a man called Jack. He was adopted at the age of 5. He knows who his mother was. He knows little about his birth father except his name and the fact that he vanished before Jack was born. Jack works as a policeman. One of the cases he is called on to investigate has his mother as a side character. This puts into his mind to investigate his father on the side.
I read the Dolly Rawlins trilogy. Much of the back story of Buried is contained in that short series. While I won't say you need to read that set of books to understand this one, it does help to understand the characters here. The crime that Jack and his squad investigate is rooted in the crimes Dolly and her crew committed. The fact of Jack's parentage is contained back then also. Put this way, if you read those books, you will know who Jack's father is long before Jack figures it out.
While this is a crime mystery, the heart of the story is Jack's search for who he is. He loves his adopted parents deeply and tries to match his behavior to his father, he feels a disconnect. Only by knowing his genetic background does he think that can change. What he finds and how it affects him is why you should read this story. I thought it was very well done. I hope you will also.