Jack and Maggie

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First, I loved the book cover. It was so expressive, and gave the reader a precursor to the plot and characters they would soon be meeting.
Jack and Maggie proved to e most interesting characters. This is what drew me to the book immediately Each had problems and issues that the author brought forward. Jack was especially understandable. Each of us have felt lost at some time in our life. He tried to pull his life together by solving a most interesting mystery. At the end of the sneak preview, I knew that I wanted to read the whole book and would not just close the cover and move on to the next. book on my list.
I have never read any other books by this author, but know that I will remedy that in the future. I will hope to recommend this book to my book club.
We are a small group of fifteen, but always chose books that keep us up turning pages at bedtime