A Complex Mystery

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I absolutely adored the first look of this book. It immediately had me engrossed in the story, except once I received the book and started, I found it much harder to get sucked in. The first thing was, there are so many characters. Out leading man is suppose to be DC Jack Warr. New to the task force after he and his girlfriend, Maggie, move for her job. However, and this kind of goes in to my second point that made it difficult for me to find a rhythm, there are quite a few characters that the story jumps to focusing on. There are many times within a chapter, that after while you realize there is a slight increase in space between paragraphs, that the story will shift to another character and plot points.

I did find it very interesting to get a glimpse in to multiple perspectives of the same case, between multiple detectives working different angles, and who we can assume, are the thief and murderers. I just wish the style of the book would have made the shift to someone else more obvious. It really slowed the reading process down to have to reread to figure out if you were still reading about Jack's interview with Angela, or Ridley talking to another suspect.

A Little about the story: A fire in a cottage of an ex copper reveals a body, and what appears to be hundreds in bank notes that seem to be connected to an unsolved train robbery in 1995. The serious crime task force that DC Jack Warr is a part of is called in to help solve the murder and possibly even the crime of the century. After years of sliding through life, feeling like something is missing, this investigation finally sparks something in Jack. It could possibly be because this case, and a personal family matter, has also lead him on a personal investigation to find out who is biological father was. The deeper he gets, the more the cases seem to overlap.

I didn't realize going in to this book that is tied in to another one of the authors series, The Widows. I may have enjoyed it better had I read those books for a little more back story and understanding of the authors writing style. I fully intend to give this author another go and maybe revisit this book series in the future.