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In Lynda La Plante's Buried, the first installment in the DC Jack Warr thriller series, the Queen of Crime Thriller had cooked up a compelling and complex storyline. It all started for Jack Warr and his fellow police officers had discovered a dead, burned skeleton corpse skeleton in a cottage house. From there, they picked up the pieces of who died in the fire, which led them to the discovery of a train robbery from two decade ago. In flashback sequences, we learn who this female bandits were and why they stole diamonds and money from this train. While Jack worked hard to earn a promotion with the force, he'd dealt with a devastating blow that his adoptive father was dying from cancer and the revelation he was adopted at age five. That prompted him to search for his biological father, which might have a strange relatable connection to this case in hand. From there, Jack and his fellow police officers work hard to discover new leads from identifying the dead body and why he'd gotten caught into the train robbery mess. While the female robbers in their later years planned to thwart the police like they did in the past, they were one step ahead of them. In the end, while they discover an old trail to lead them out of Europe, it was up to them to stop them in the tracks before it became too late.