So many interesting characters and a murder mystery, too!

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First of all, we are quickly introduced to DI Martin Prescott who is called to the site of a fire with a dead body. He then calls in Serious Crimes and DI Ridley and his team get involved. In the first view, we don’t get to know Ridley much, but we do get a good intro into the life of DC Jack Warr. Jack seems like a rudderless ship, having just moved to London with his girlfriend Maggie, and being a new member of the Metropolitan Police. He arrives late to work on the day that they get the new case of involving the discovery of a burned body along with a significant amount of burned cash. I was intrigued by the Prologue which came from LaPlante’s previous book, SHE’S OUT, giving a big clue that this new arson case and death may be linked to Dolly Rawlins. Good times! I loved the Dolly Rawlins series, so I’m totally delighted that LaPlante has a new book coming out with a new investigator. I miss Jane Tennison, but Jack Warr seems to be an unlikely hero who will fill her shoes well. Late to work and dripping with honey, he is just the kind of police detective that reminds me of Colombo, so I’m excited about reading more!