Such a sweet multi love story!

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I absolutely loved this story! It does reminds me a bit of a Hallmark movie, but better! Breakfast at the Honey Creek Cafe is beautifully written by Jodie Thomas with many different story line views. Piper is the face of a possible murder scandal of her fake fiance', Colby is there to help her out of the trouble with his undercover lovesick cowboy character, and Sam is there trying to find himself as the love of his life has died a few years before. He is still heart broken, but decides to attempt to follow his father's footsteps as a preacher. Pecos is another character that just doesn't seem to fit into this whole story until the end, but he is actually my favorite character in the whole book. He is 19 years old high school graduate who wants to run away from his problems of working on the family farm. He falls for a pretty girl in school and does the most precious thing of being a caring and unconditional loving person that he is. I truly enjoy reading this story and wish there are more stories that are inspired by the Colby and Piper, Sam and Anna, and finally Pecos storylines.