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Combines Romance Novel Males with Texas Intrigue

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This Texas-setting novel has a lot going on. There's a female mayor with a fiance who has disappeared amid rumors that Mayor Piper Jane Mackenzie killed him. Next there's a strong he-man type - Samuel Cassidy (sort of a modern Butch Cassidy character)- who was raised with a minister father but seemed to find his calling as a soldier and a fireman ...until his girlfriend died. (I just wish the girlfriend's name had not been seasonal weather, April Raine.) April's untimely death does not seem to be mysterious, only sad enough to make Sam open a letter addressed to his dead father and decide that he will accept the temporary small-town minister assignment. Of course, as Sam makes a pit stop along the Texas highway, he meets eyes in the restroom mirror with an off-duty Texas Ranger named Colby, hired by Max (brother of Piper and fellow Texas Ranger with Colby) to do his very first private eye assignment: Colby must stop any scandal from developing and attaching itself to the Mackenzie family name. And everyone is headed to the "postcard-cute town of Honey Creek." Most readers know that very few postcard-cute places are as serene and innocent as they appear at first glance.