This one stayed with me

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I read this book months ago. It took me awhile to be able to process this beautiful and sad story of a young girl who lived with her father after her parents divorced. She and her father left Obsidian and began a new life. She returns to attend a family reunion on her mother’s side of the family only to discover that her mother had passed away and no one had bothered to tell her. I cannot get past the cruelty of that omission. Her father was a hard character to respect, especially after learning that. The consolation is, I guess, is that Yamineh is a strong girl, much stronger than I would have been. During the family reunion/memorial for her mother, she is reintroduced to her extended family, none of whom are easy. This was a difficult and heartrending story but Yamineh’s strong spirit pulled her through. I recommend this well-written story. It packs a lot in a small novel.