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I was not expecting this book to turn out as a compelling read but here we are teary-eyed as we finish the last few pages.

Break This House by Candice Iloh is reminiscent of the author's debut novel but this time, we follow the story of Mina as she went back to her home following the death of her mother.

The format that the story was told is through the main character's head or consciousness and it was an experience reading what's inside Minah's head.

I felt both sad and inspired with the way Minah still tried to reconnect with the family and life she used to have before they moved out. It was a challenging experience to be in that situation but Minah handled it well.

Regarding the writing style, Minah as a main character is well-written. Her voice is real and raw and sometimes it felt like I'm reading a friend's diary.

Overall, this book is recommendable to kids who are having the same story as Minah.