Messy family secrets

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Yaminah Okar moved away from her family home with her father. She and her father made a life in which they live going through the motions. When she finds out disturbing news about her mother, she feels drawn to go back. What she did not realize would happen, the way the family made her feel, had Yaminah wanting to run back to Brooklyn. Written from Yaminah's point of view, she realizes that maybe she does not belong any more, but she wanted to know about her mother. What she finds out, may not be what she wanted to hear. Some of her family treats her like an outsider, but this is normal when you have had no contact since her parents divorced. One thing Yaminah did know, and dad did not share, was why her mom and dad divorced. Hard facts to learn, but the author did a great job putting things into perspective. Things wrapped up well at the end of the story.