Good Book!

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Author Candice Iloh did a really great job with this book, this was my first read by this author, and I was happily surprised with it. While not completely up my alley, it was still a good and interesting read. I enjoyed following Yaminah Okar's life story and the struggles she faced as well as her family. The surprises and the way things were laid out were really well done, and covered good themes. I found this to be a really interesting story overall, and must commend the author for a great book. The cover was also really well done, and I think it perfectly fit the idea/story. I was drawn in by it when I first saw the book, and wasn't turned away. It was done well and unique with the broken images pieced back together, just like the main character and her family, images of the girl and the house, showing us what the book will be about. The colors and the font were also a perfect choice, not too much or too harsh, but perfectly fitting the theme of the book.