A powerhouse of a story

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The premise and description of this book were intriguing and the author's note to the reader was great. Her note explained that in this book the characters don't hide their feelings, but rather express them, and that the reader should take care of themselves as they read the story because it can be triggering. The story concerns Yaminah Okar whose family past remains a mystery until it is taken apart, and acknowledged, which is the theme of the book. Minah and her father live in Brooklyn and she imagines the pain of the past can put out of her mind as she continues on with her new life. She is wrong. A random facebook post opens up the past and her memories of her parents' divorce. Minah must come to terms with the truth about what happened to her mother, and her painful memories of their home. This book is a powerhouse of a story concerning emotion and memory, relationships and place. Highly recommended.