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In Lynda La Plante's Blunt Force, the 6th installment in the Tennison crime thriller series, this thriller would have you at the edge of your seat. It all started for Jane Tennison when she received a call about someone finding a gruesome corpse in West End. She arrived at the scene with her partner DS Gibbs when they interviewed people in the neighborhood. Then she discovered the dead body belonged to Charles Foxley, a prominent agent in the film and modeling industry. As they dug into his background, they learned about his shady childhood, how he worked in the agency, and his relationship with his ex-wife Justine. Literally, everyone hated him and had a potential motive to want to see him dead. While Jane and her squad dug deeper into his past, she also signed up for lessons in a secret Rifle Club and later learned why they needed her for a special operation to take down a corrupt cop before he strikes again. In the end, the shocking truth on who did it and why it had come to a head with a startling revelation that would leave you speechless.