Good start to a crime thriller

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The opening was good because there is some history with Jane that we don't yet know about that gives the story some intrigue. She appears to be a strong character. However the scene at the gun range was a little too detailed in the types of guns and describing how she was learning to shoot. It was just a little unnecessary and really didn't seem to add to the story line. Jane seemed a little "huffy" at her birthday party with her parents. I didn't understand why she was so sensitive to the questions. The book really did not pick up until we get to the crime around page 30. The victim is a high profile theatrical agent. His agency partner did not seem too moved about his death when approached by the police and when he has to identify the body. But later he sobs. So you wonder if there was more to the relationship? Or is he next? If the momentum continues, this this could be a really good crime thriller.