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A murder mystery at its finest with an unlikely murderess at its core! Bluff doesn't make you wait to find out who murdered a man in cold blood. This bit is told right in the beginning and we are left to unravel the mystery as to WHY it happened. I loved the twisted plot and the pacing of the story. The characters and their back stories were fascinating, and I LOVED that the main character was an older woman named Maude. Mad Maude for the win! She was a character I loved rooting for. The revelations as to who she was working with, and their end game was jaw dropping. It was nice to have her as our main character. She was extremely intelligent and very humble. She knew that she would fly under radar as she fled the murder scene because she was an older woman. People don't see older women, and especially don't suspect them of being capable of waltzing into the Four Season's Restaurant and shooting someone at point blank range. Mad Maude's love of poker meant she always had an ace up her sleeve and her bluff game was impeccable. Hence the name of the book. The slimy men she went after deserved every bit of what she had planned for them. I felt like I needed a shower after reading their parts of the book.
I am so happy to have had the chance to read this. I haven't read anything by Jane Stanton Hitchcock before, but you can count on me picking up her books the next time I venture out to the bookstore.