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not too engaging...

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My first impression of this book came from the cover. It's honestly pretty bland. Nothing about it really caught my eye or drew me to read the book.

Author Jane Stanton Hitchcock seems to have an unique writing style though. The intro of the book drew me in and was interesting.

Main character Maud is snarky, that's for sure. Based on the intro, I did think I was going to enjoy this book, and was genuinely intrigued in Maud's situation and revenge. I don't know much about poker, and maybe that is part of why I didn't enjoy this book as much as I'd hoped?

I kept waiting for MORE... for something more to happen, for something more to catch my attention or engage me, but it seems as though the energy found in the intro wasn't kept throughout the entire book.

Based on this book alone, I don't think I'll be reading more by the author, but that's my personal and picky preference.