I really enjoyed this book!

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What a fun, snarky read!!! I really enjoyed this bad-ass-lady-of-a-certain-age kicking ass and taking names!
I have never read any of Hitchcock’s work….but you can bet I will now! I really enjoyed this book Cha-ching!
I just loved how Mad Maud was just enough bad ass and crazy for me to love her and want her to succeed. What a great main character that had “balls” – Greta was probably my other favorite supporting cast member. It’s the little snarky bits like “all except Magma and Brent Hobbs, who is now drunkenly diving into Magma’s cleavage with the same gusto he dived into the boeuf-a-la-mode.” That makes the book a real gem!
If you are looking for a genuine fun read I highly recommend this book!