Fast paced mystery

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Bluff is a twisty, fun murder mystery. We know early on who the murderer is but the events that lead up to it are for the reader to unravel.

Fallen socialite, Maud Warner walks int the Four Seasons and shoots Sun Sunderland during a busy lunch. It seems she was aiming for Burt Sklar, the man she accuses of stealing her family's fortune, and Sun's best friend. When Maud walks out of the restaurant and disappears everyone begins to wonder where she is and why she did what she did.

As the story unfolds we learn about many juicy secrets Maud, Burt, and Sun are keeping.

The author structures the story after a poker game, as Maud is an avid poker player. She repeats how important the bluff is when playing the game and carries this over into trying to get away with murder.

Bluff is fast-paced and will keep the reader wondering, "What is going to happen next?"