From the moment I first heard of this book, I thought 'Bette Davis could have played Maud Warner'

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I have loved classic Hollywood films since childhood; even as a teenager in the 1980's my favorite actresses were Better Davis and Carole Lombard, Bogart and Clark Gable and William Powell for the men. From the MINUTE I saw Bluff, the cover reminding me so much of the Charlotte Vale character from 'Now, Voyager', I knew that Bette Davis would have done a heck of a job playing Maud Warner in a film version.

Having read this preview, I double-down on that statement. The opening scene IS a shocker; you wonder if Maud will use that gun in her purse, but you don't necessarily expect what to happen to happen - not in the first few pages of the story! AND in NYC, my favorite city in this whole country! But happens it does ... and then, further making my heart beat faster just reading it, comes Greta Lauber and her great party, and BOOM! I am instantly reminded of one of my favorite films of 1939 (indeed, of all time), 'The Women'.

I knew then 31 pages wouldn't be enough; from, like, page 11 and Greta's intro, I KNEW I needed to read this book! To learn the story of Maud's family and what led her to do what she did (and I still wonder if shooting Sun WAS intentional?); all the characters, already coming full to life, leap from the page and I truly got lost in these pages, wondering where it was all going to go.

Jane Stanton Hitchcock has a witty, acerbic, snarky, sharp-tongued and darkly-funny little thriller brewing here, and it would STINK to have to wait until 15 January to read it!