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This series just keeps getting better!

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Not sure that I’ll be able to do this luscious book justice, but I will try with fervent desire. Because this masterpiece deserves wordsmithing. All of the wordsmithing.

I read and enjoyed Truthwitch a few years ago, just before Windwitch released. And then, didn’t read any further. There are many reasons for this, but I think the biggest was the worry that I would be so invested in the characters that not having the next book ready to read would be devastating. (Now, that didn’t stop me from purchasing multiple copies of each book, giving them to friends, and hooking other people on the series while I was waiting.) But my unspoken fear has been realized!

Bloodwitch destroyed me emotionally!

There. I said it.

And none of my IRL friends are caught up enough to discuss! I feel like I’m screaming into the void, just waiting for someone else to scream back…

So, I need all of you to read all 3 books, and don’t forget the very important novella, which fits right between Windwitch and Bloodwitch. Because it is VERY IMPORTANT!! I cannot stress this enough! And then talk about it with other people. And maybe me. Because I have all the feels!