My favorite in the series so far!

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Iseult and Aeduan are my favorite characters in The Witchlands series, so you can bet that I was incredibly excited for the third book, Bloodwitch. Their storyline in this book really resonated with me, as they are both outsiders searching for their place in the world. I love the bond that they form and the important choices they come to make in this book.

I appreciate the fierce female characters Susan Dennard has written, and in Bloodwitch, I found Vivia's storyline of being undermined by her father to be so frustrating but realistic. Merik has always been the least interesting character to me, but in this book he comes to a realization, and I found it to be the most powerful moment in the book. I'm so impressed by the feminist themes and messages in this book, the diversity and the emphasis on taking ownership of your choices.

A weakness of this book is that the backstory is too confusing. I wish things were connected more clearly or revealed at a quicker pace. I understand that the foundation for grand revelations takes time to be set, and there are two books left in the series, but I feel perpetually confused.

Overall, this is my favorite book of the series thus far and I can't wait for the next one!