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Susan Dennard has once again proven that she is the better writer over SJM. I read this book right around the time that I was reading Throne of Glass, and I can see how their friendship falling apart influenced them. SJM let it influence her work, and SD didn’t. Dennard continued to write this amazing novel despite the hardships she faced.

I didn’t finish Sightwitch before starting this book, which was definitely a mistake. There was a big plot point near the end of the book that made no sense, because I didn’t read Sightwitch. Oops. But then I went back and read it and everything made a lot more sense.

I love how the world and plot is coming together. I wish we got to see more of the sisters together, but that’s what happens when Isuelt runs off with whatshisname bloodwitch guy. Can’t wait for the next book!