Moonlight Truly Is Magical

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Alright this one took me a while to read, not because it was boring exactly, but I just got really busy and then I wasn't super motivated to pick this back up when I did have the time to read. So do with that as you will.

"We all live in cages, Catrin. Only those of us who are lucky get to choose which one."

Murder mysteries have always been a hit or miss with me. Some I love, some I hate, and some are mediocre. This one falls in the third category. I found the second half of the book to be far more interesting then the first. Plus I really wasn't feeling the three different "love interests", if they could even be called that. I won't lie Simon and Catrin had their moments, but most of the time, I just wasn't feeling it.

" 'And what if I drag you Beyond the Moon and to the Gates of Hell itself?'
'Then we'll find our way back.' "

While a lot more interesting things happened in the second half, I wanted more than the little bit of certain things/places we get to see. While that sounds really vague, it's because I don't want to spoil anything. I felt like a lot of things were left somewhat unresolved and (as far as I know at the time of writing this review) there are no plans to create a sequel.

Overall, it was more of a read it and forget it for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 🤷‍♀️