Historical Fantasy + Procedural = Amazing Mashup

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Catrin works for a master architect, using her almost supernatural skill for climbing to regularly climb and inspect the scaffolding surrounding used by the craftsmen as they continue to build the Holy Sanctum, decades already in the making. Her safe and stable life tumbles down when one night, she hears screaming while she's out checking on a support tucked away in a corner. She is drawn to investigate, sees a man running, and then stumbles onto the aftermath of a grisly murder. Before she can flee, she's pulled into the investigation as well, which will reveal more about her history and her unique abilities than she'd have ever guessed. An easy pick for fantasy readers, this will likely also appeal to true crime fans, as the more murders are discovered, leaving Catrin and her fellow investigators to sift through the evidence to uncover the culprit's motivation and face.