So intense

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Wow this story was so compelling and intriguing. I loved the magic, and the world.
The main characters were all so different and made the best group of rag tag, reluctant heroes.
Ziva is a skilled magic wielding blade smith, but she also suffers anxiety.
Her sister is a free spirit who loves Ziva and will always be there for her.
We end up with a scholar added in, who seems like an odd fit, but he can cook, so of course the girls find him useful.
And of course we also have a mercenary, to round out our team, he’s cocky, and gorgeous and maybe a bit mysterious.

These four have an adventure ahead of them, not knowing who to trust (can they even trust each other?) where to go, and how to keep everyone safe.

They all have secrets that will be revealed, and maybe some aren’t as easy to overlook or overcome.
Will they survive their journey and find what they’re looking for?