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I was looking forward to this because look at that cover. Initially when I started I was not prepared to go in with a 6ft metal magician with crippling anxiety. Not gonna lie the first few chapters were rough to get through ONLY because I'm very much you know what you gotta do DO IT! (In books) but once we are on the run with a scholar, a mercenary and her sister it picks up.

Plus invisible bandits?!

If you've seen Encanto. The main character reminds me of Luisa from it. She does everything she has to for her family (sister), but she's constantly in her own mind like what if she's holding her back, what if she's not doing enough, what if she loses it all.

I didn't see that little twist at the end, and it was a very abrupt ending too.

I see there is going to be another one and I'm not really sure I will be giving it a go... because I just really don't connect with the main character