Blacksmiths and magic

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Younger me would’ve probably liked this book quite a bit. Young blacksmith Ziva is talented yet relatable in her social anxieties. I have a soft spot for the mercenary Kellyn, who's eerily similar to another character I love, and even if he’s a bit useless, he doesn’t suffer as much as poor Domacridhan (from the recent Realm Breaker, in which the Powerful Warrior is incapable of doing anything on his own).

The villains are ruthless, the action is quick, though looking back I don't really remember what all happened outside of the beginning and the end. There’s supportive family relationships, and my inner Eragon fangirl still loves any scene with swords and forging.

But alas, I am old and jaded, hyper-aware of what strikes me as social messaging and the fact that the ending came either three chapters too early or too late.

**Thanks to BookishFirst for the review copy**