Magic and fantasy!

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Magic and fantasy!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it's the first one in a brand new series by Kate Pearsall.

I expected the book to be scarier than it was because of the blurb I read calling it a dark fantasy. I didn't feel that description covered all the various elements of the story. It had some dark moments--the way unsolved murders often do, but it was also filled with hope and new beginnings.I loved how the author brought so many little details in her descriptions of the James family. Those details not only described them, but also showed characteristics through their actions that brought them to life in a way that made them feel as if they were real people. While it is called a fantasy book, the story also has elements of magical realism that I really enjoyed. I loved the plot that was at once original and yet also made the story seem somewhat like a fairy tale.

The author is truly a master story teller, and this book is worth every one of the five stars I am giving it. I can't wait for the next book in this series, and I hope to read many more books by this author.