Bittersweet but beautiful!

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There is something special about the James women. For generations, starting back with one of the first settlers in Caball Hollow, the women of the family have a special gift. Linden is one of four sisters and she can taste was emotions others are feeling. Confessing her gift to her boyfriend Cole leads to a night of terror she doesn’t remember. The small town of Caball Hollow in West Virginia has seen some tragedies over the years. The myth of the moth winged man is the legend in the town that is responsible for the death of two residents. Is this creature also responsible for Linden’s missing time and memories? Can Linden find out who is responsible to the death of her friend before she becomes a victim to the month winged man herself?
This was an amazing story rich with history and folklore of the Appalachian region in West Virginia. My favorite parts of the book were when regional history and dialect were woven into the story. The slightly paranormal aspect with family magic was also a very exciting aspect that lead to some great twists and turns. Linden and her sisters have great relationships and I would love to see their stories (especially Rowan’s). The plot and storyline was so intricate and thrilling that I could not put the book down! I was on the edge of my seat and loved reading the storyline and seeing relationships unfold. I wish I could have seen more of what might happen with Linden and Cole, but the ending was bittersweet like the title suggests. A really great read that I would definitely recommend! I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.