Appalachian Practical Magic

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If you are a fan of the movie Practical Magic run do not walk. So many things about this book feel like a sister to that movie in all of the best ways. Matriarchal family, cursed love, small town that doesn't know what to make of the witches on the hill. I LOVED this book, Linden is a deeply sympathetic main character that guides us through this book and her world with ease. She's missing parts of what happened to her when she disappeared last year and the conclusion to that and other mysteries is very satisfying. The line this book walks between never quite knowing whether or not the supernatural elements are real is phenomenal. The sisters and their mother and grandmother all practice Appalachian folk magic that is very clearly grounded in tradition and ancestral history. Throughout the book there are interludes that discuss the in season produce and best practices for that season which I found to be a lovely touch. Overall, I cannot recommend this book highly enough.