A book for both YA and Adults Alike

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This was a well written and engaging YA Fantasy Mystery that drew me in from the first chapter and had me reading through the pages, even though I am far beyond my own YA Years. Well paced, visually written, and beautifully balanced, this story about four sisters living in Caball Hollow was a refreshing read. There is no better setting for a mystery laced with magic than the Appalachian mountains. With the blend of old world folklore, new world mysticism, and one of the most beautiful wild areas left in the American North East, Pearsall artfully weaves all these threads together along with adding in her own imagination with the Moth-Winged Man Myth. This was an enchanting book that anyone, at any age, will enjoy it for not just the who done it mystery but equally for the author's ability to transport me out of my home and to a different place.