WWII Historical Fiction About Two Families in America and Britain and The Child who was Shared by Both

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While Britain was being bombed in WWII there were some families who were able to send their children to host families in the United States to keep them safe. This lovely historical fiction story is about a couple who had their 11 year old daughter travel the Atlantic, with other children, to be cared for by host families until the war ended.
Beatrix was paired with the Gregory family in Boston who immediately welcomed her with love and attention. She joined the family with two sons, one older than her and one younger.
Beyond That the Sea starts in 1940 and explores the years that Beatrix was in America and her eventual return to Britain and decades later. This nostalgic story captivated me right away. I loved the entire Gregory family and I especially enjoyed the alternating chapters told by different family members both in America and in Britain. I absolutely loved this story and I did not want it to end.