Such a powerful read

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I was lucky enough to recieve a copy of this book directly from the publisher, and for a historical fiction set in world war 2, it met my expectations and surpassed them by far.

Millie and Reginald have made the decision to send their daughter Bea to safety during the war. Arriving in Boston to live with the Gregory’s, she’s immediatley brought into the fold and made apart of the family. She soon realizes that this life, with the Gregory’s is actually far more fitting to her, but the war is over and she’s returning home, the memory of her American family close to her heart.

This is a powerful novel that shows found family can be just as important as blood, especially through a traumatic and life altering (and world altering) event.

I really loved the writing style on this book and thought it was well executed and such a good read! I can’t wait to read more by this author!