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Celadon Books and Deb Futter have hit it out of the park again by bringing us Laura Spence-Ash’s debut Beyond That, The Sea.

I loved this book from the writing to the story to the topic. I am not a fan of WWII historical fiction, but Spence-Ash tells a story you have not heard before.

The story follows Bea, (in America, Trixie in England), a young British child who is sent to America during the war because her parents are concerned about her safety in England. The family Bea stays with - the Gregorys are extremely wealthy, live in Boston and spend their summers in Maine. Her American life is much different than the life she knew in England. During the years Bea is away, her father dies and her mother remarries.
Bea becomes closer with the Gregorys and their two sons, William and Gerald.

One day, Bea’s life is uprooted and she finds herself on the way back home to her mother in England. Years later, she travels to America to reconnect with the Gregorys under drastically different circumstances.

I loved the pace of the book and the short chapters written from the perspective of different characters.