Pleasant and engrossing story

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This is a story that begins during WWII but continues across generations. Beatrix is only 11 years old when her parents send her from London to live with strangers in America to keep her safe during WWII. She is quickly incorporated into the Gregory family and spends her coming of age years as a sister to 9 year old Gerald and 13 year old William and the three children enjoy many memories as siblings. Before Bea returns to London after the war, she and William begin a romantic relationship but the distance between them is too challenging. Throughout Bea’s time with the Gregorys and for years afterward, the two families stay connected in spite of tragedy and complicated relationships.
I found this book to be just a nice, easy going and pleasant read. The historical aspects were interesting but the family relationships really made the book special. And what great nostalgia around growing up in both simpler but complicated times! I definitely found myself liking the characters and rooting for them to the end.