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This book is eloquently written and tells the story from multiple points of view. From reading the first look, it seems that an adult Beatrix is looking back at the time of war and how she needed to leave Millie and Reginald and was very unhappy about that. It seems Reginald wanted to blame it on Millie and make it seem like she was the one who was sending Beatrix away when in reality she was the one who did not want Beatrix to go away. However, she relented in the end because of the bombings and how they wanted to keep Beatrix safe. The prose in which the novel is written is beautiful and it describes everything in just enough detail. There aren’t any long monologues that are annoying to read so far. I’m excited to read this book because I love historical fiction and I love storylines that are written from multiple perspectives. I cannot wait to read this novel!