Coming of age set during wartime

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The story follows Bea as she sent to live with a family in the U.S. during WWII and follows the intersection of their lives in the subsequent twenty years.

Character driven novels are hit or miss for me and this one fell in the middle. I was intrigued by the story and following Bea's connection with the Gregory family during and after the war. Each chapter alternates points of view from one of the characters, but I feel like this limited my emotional connection to any of them. We got to witness a lot of complicated relationships, but I never felt fully in anyone's headspace.

It felt like there was too much thrown into this and could have benefited from fewer POVs. The dialogue was also hard to follow as the author just used italics instead of quotation marks.

Overall not a standout for me, but I’ve seen many rave reviews so recommend reading some others if you’re interested in picking it up. Thanks Celadon Books for my gifted copy.