Beyond That, the Sea

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This was a book i wasn't sure i would like too much, i knew i would finish it but i knew it would be a hit or miss of how well it kept my attention and pulled me into the story. That being said, this is one of those rare books that i really, really wanted to just read all in one go but i liked it so much i forced myself to read it slowly and really take my time enjoying the story.

I would recommend and reread this book yearly if i didn't have such a huge TBR mountain lmao! I was actually really shocked at the ending and i loved it! it was kinda heartbreaking but also very touching and shows you can be happy for someone when you love them, even if live didn't go as you or you both had planned (or hoped). Really great, touching book and of course i love the time this took place in and especially loved the characters. Would buy for myself and as a gift as well too! 5 stars.