Amazing Historical Fiction

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I want to start with saying that this book left me a bit of a wreck with tears drying on my face. But wrecked in the best way if that makes any sense. This book is beautifully written. A completely engrossing story. The chapters are short and the perspectives switch frequently but I like getting to see a bit of the story from each character’s perspectives. This book is about a lot of things but the most powerful piece for me was this book’s take on grief. There is something I didn’t know before my first major loss that only people who have been similarly broken seem to get. This book is written in that way and I felt like I was with a group of characters who really got it. I also really loved that this book is about the war, but it is a completely different take than I’ve ever read before. Beatrix lives in England and her working class parents make an impossible choice to send her to America so she will be safe during the war. This story is about both of Beatrix’s families the one she was born into and the one she discovers in Boston. A completely lovely family drama. Definitely one to read, just make sure you have the Kleenex ready.