A Bittersweet Tale

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I enjoyed this bittersweet tale of a girl caught between two worlds. I appreciated the rotating point of view. The POV moved between the main character (Beatrice), both of her parents, and each of four Gregory family members she stayed with in the United States. It was interesting to really see how Beatrice's stay in America affected both families, one on each side of the sea.

I also appreciated that the novel didn't end at the same time as the war did. Although it did not show the reunion when Beatrice arrived back in England, it skipped ahead a few years and revealed how everyone was doing, how they'd been shaped by Bea's time in America. The ending was bittersweet but satisfying.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction, especially novels set during WWII. It was a different perspective than I'd read before.

Thank you to goodreads for the early read.