What a lovable guy, that Henry Winkler!

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I adored Happy Days and the Fonz as a kid, and it was this version of Henry Winkler I knew when I began reading his memoir. How much I did not know! From his childhood in New York with cold, distant parents to his struggles to rebound from his success as Fonzie in later years, Winkler covers it all. He presents as an honest, funny, down-to-earth guy who still has a bit of the "I can't believe I'm actually this famous" attitude...which makes me like him even more.

I've read better written memoirs, although Winkler's writing style seems authentic, and I appreciate that it's not overly re-written by a "professional" writer. Some of his anecdotes were seemingly random, but I guess that's what a celebrity memoir is, right? I usually listen to memoirs, and I'd recommend listening to this one if Winkler narrates - his voice is just so distinctive and I'm sure it adds to the experience. A fun read!