Loved It!

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I loved Being Henry so much!

I was fortunate to receive both a print and an audiobook copy. I’d intended to alternate between the two, but from the first few minutes of the audiobook on, I was hooked. I never picked up the print copy to read a word. (But I will keep it on my shelf!)

Listening to the audiobook, which Henry Winkler narrates, was like sitting down with him to chat. The writing was conversational and relaxed, and his reading brought life to all his stories. I laughed a lot, and I might have shed a few tears.

My favorite part was the way Henry retains a childlike glee at all he was able to do with his life. He has a starstruck attitude, even now, when he speaks about some of the people with whom he worked. His joy was infectious.

So much fun to listen to!

*Thank you to BookishFirst and Celadon Books for the print copy, and to Macmillan Audio for the audiobook download!*