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"Being Henry: The Fonz...and Beyond" by Henry Winkler was an enjoyable read. I'm sure I'm not the only one that envisions the actors we see in movies and plays, to be like the characters they portray. Mr. Winkler's memoir gives the reader insights into his true self. He is someone, just like the rest of us. We have our insecurities about finances, our talent/abilities, family, friends and what have you. By reading Mr. Winkler's memoir, we realize that we are all basically the same. We yearn for perfection and the acceptance of our family, friends and peers. Without giving anything away, I also enjoyed learning interesting facts about Mr. Winkler's personal and professional lives. It seems to be unusual for marriages to stand the test of time, especially in the entertainment industry. Having his wife Stacey add her input and support throughout the memoir definitely added sustenance to Mr. Winkler's autobiography. I would recommend adding this memoir to your tbr list.