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I'm not one to usually read memoirs but this one was fantastic. And the narrator is Henry Winkler himself. He was great. I honestly can't say enough good about this book. It is so good. A must read/listen.

This is the story of Henry Winkler. His words and all that entails. What a life he had. From a child all the way through adulthood he is one of a kind. As a child he was not treated well by his parents. They had immigrated to the US from Berlin to escape what was happening in Germany to many Jews. They had a daughter and young Henry.

Henry had dyslexia but was not diagnosed back then. His parents thought him dumb. His father always said he was just not trying hard enough. Can you imagine how awful that had to be for a child? He tells quite a few stories in this memoir and some made me laugh. His first time with a girl. I was rolling laughing. Though he may not have found it quite as funny. Maybe.

Henry went to Yale to study acting. He gave it all he had. He did work in New York then went to California. That is where he got his big break as the Fonz. The cool dude on Happy Days. One of my favorite tv shows. And characters. He was a very lovable person all his life. Henry did a lot more than I thought. From small parts to producing. From helping other actors when they needed a break. Some of the series shows that I have enjoyed over the years were because of Henry Winkler. How did I not know this. I watched the show Barry with Henry Winkler as the acting teacher and thought it was great. I hated when it ended.

You get to know Henry Winkler in this book. The real person not just the actor. His fears. His loves. His family. Wife and children. His friends. He made lots of friends and loved them all. You hear from his wife in the audio. Her own voice. Things she went through and things she wanted. I admire Henry Winkler. He was a hard working man.

There are quite a few children's books written by Henry Winkler about Dyslexia. His aim was to help. He did such a good job with this book. The audio was great. His voice was perfect since it's his story. He has a good voice for audio. There are a lot of things you learn about his life.

I very much enjoyed listening to this book and getting to know Henry Winkler on a level beyond the Fonz.... The man he became. The man he was.

Five huge stars and a high recommendation whether you listen to the audio or read the book. It's good.