The life of a truly nice guy.

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This is the story about a man I have grown up watching. He has been a part of my life, so to speak as an actor during my youth and as a writer as an adult. Every interview and show I've seen him in, he seems so down to earth and personable. I've always heard he had dyslexia and that was why he started writing books for kids. I'm a Middle School librarian and I have his books in my library. They ware very well written and the kids love them so when I saw this book I was very excited to read it.

I was drawn in from the very first page. As I was reading it, I could hear Winkler speaking to me. Not the Fonz (except for the part he was auditioning) but Henry. I feel as if I know him and he is sitting down to tell me a story. When I reached the end of the sneak peak I was disappointed because I just wanted to keep reading. I can not wait to get my hands on this book and keep reading.

I think this book will be a best seller and will be in high demand at bookstores and libraries.