An Entertaining and Honest Memoir

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Although I was not a fan of the television reruns of the show that had Winkler's famous character "the Fonz," I found this memoir very entertaining. What made me interested? I attended an online writer's workshop about children's books, and Henry Winkler was one of the presenters. His cute dog wandered in and out and occasionally wanted some attention from Dad Henry. I really liked the fact that this famous Hollywood personality treated his dog with love and kindness, like a family member. And a lot of the Zoom-event attendees enjoyed a glimpse into the human behind the Hollywood personality. For that reason, I read the sample pages of Mr. Winkler's memoir. I found it to be a fast read, written in a flowing conversational style with short snippets of interesting memories and family history. No story dragged on for too long or had too many details to make a reader wonder what the point of the story was. Some of Henry Winkler's tales are older and sad (family members that did not escape Nazi death camps) but most are brutally honest, told without any attempt to coverup weaknesses or flaws or inject braggadocio. For a memoir, I'd say this is a 5 star.